Since the effects of COVID-19 hit Jamaica in the first quarter 2020, Faithful Few Ministries International has bagged and delivered thousands of pounds of groceries and toiletries each month. For only $10.00 USD you can sponsor a bag and support a family in need. One single bag contains: #2Flour, #2 Sugar, #2 Cornmeal, #2 Rice,  #1 Red Peas, Coconut Milk Powder, Vanilla Milk Powder, Cooking Oil, 1 Tin Corned Beef, 1 Tin Mackerel, 1 Tin Baked Beans, 1 Package Table Crackers, 1 Roll Toilet Paper, 1 Package of laundry soapand can sustain a small family for days. 

God has been moving through this grocery distribution ministry in a mighty way. FFMI has now expanded into additional parishes and communities across Jamaica by altering our strategy and refocusing our efforts. Instead of distributing grocery bags directly to large communities, FFMI has partnered with multiple pastors, deacons, and individuals who can serve their immediate communities. This is the essence of Discipleship. Persons are being encouraged and empowered to serve others through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Would you like to join our efforts? Can you or your church sponsor a family in desperate need? Please join us in prayer for these communities and families as they seek some deliverance and aid.