• Mission Trips 

Faithful Few Ministries organizes travel to Jamaica intended to be part mission trip, part vacation. Book Your Trip

now to come and join us in sharing the love and truth of the Gospel through many of our various programs.

  • Pastoral Retreat 

Faithful Few also utilizes the Harvest House as a tool to empower ordained Pastors with an opportunity to be encouraged and motivated about shepherding others toward the Kingdom of God. Contact Us now with any questions about your trip.

FFMI occasionally engages with individuals who could benefit from assistance in empowering themselves with employment. Determined on a case-by-case basis, such individuals are awarded a Scholarship to University, Internship, and/or Vocational Scholarship to a Certified Trade School.

  • Schools 

Faithful Few has identified many schools that are below standard, requiring assistance keeping the facilities operational, in sanitary conditions, and up to code. Every child deserves a safe environment in which to build upon their future.

  • Hospitals 

FFMI has been a part of rebuilding a Hospital lounge for doctors on call and is currently working to re-build multiple hospital chapels in order for services and outreach to be instituted.

  • Churches and Community Centers 

Places of Worship are important for the body of Christ, but they must be utilized during the week as a tool to engage and benefit those in need. FFMI is currently organizing the planting of such infrastructure in various communities.

  • Homes for the Homeless 

There are many individuals and families who struggle to find safe shelter. Faithful Few Ministries works with local realtors and contractors in order to place them in a safe environment, whether it be a permanent structure or temporary housing placement.

FFMI utilizes the inspired Word of God to love and correct, to motivate and inspire those individuals who struggle from life’s difficulties and depression. Singles, Marriage, and Family Counseling can be requested.

  • Grocery Distribution

Beyond any pandemic, these communities struggle to put food on the table every day. FFMI currently delivers thousands of pounds of food and household items to families in need each month. Please help us reach many more families.

  • Community Luncheons

FFMI holds monthly luncheons in various communities across the island of Jamaica. As the meal is served, FFMI missionaries engage each individual in a one-on-one evangelistic opportunity of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

  • School Cafeteria Sponsorships

Many schools struggle to feed the multitude of children who can barely afford to attend. Faithful Few has developed relationships with schools and food purveyors in order to make sure every child is able to learn with a full stomach.

  • Agricultural Projects

Faithful Few utilizes the blessed Caribbean sun and soil to generate a plethora of indigenous fruits, vegetables and herbs which are then used to feed and employ the surrounding communities. Greenhouses are often used with a variety of growing methods.

  • Infirmary

FFMI regularly visits those afflicted and being housed in the St. James Infirmary. There are many needs, but adult diapers and support for their dedicated staff is always welcome.

  • Hospitals

FFMI has visited many public and private hospitals across Jamaica with the purpose of loving on those afflicted and in need. Faithful Few is also dedicated to opening chapel outreach and services at multiple hospital locations.

  • Evangelistic Treks

FFMI missionaries often take hikes into the bush, witnessing to various mountain, hillside communities off the beaten path.